Natalie Morales of Today spends most of her mornings hanging out with Jenna Bush or interviewing the minions from Incredible Me, so you can't blame her for getting a little razzed up during her sit-down with the stars of Fifty Shades of GreyJamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

After a few softballs, Morales got to the juicy stuff. "Obviously the movie has, I imagine, a lot of sex," she said with the cadence of a Christian teen who just learned what sex is. Morales then basically asked Dornan and Johnson how they got it up for the naughty scenes her parents still won't let her watch.

That was the point where the interview truly devolved, because Johnson dropped the word "fluffer." Now, behold above, as Morales giddily pesters the Fifty Shades stars to tell her what a fluffer is.

[via Today]