Shocking surveillance footage shows an SUV striking a child who was riding his bike on a Bronx street, propelling the boy into the front of a store. 

The video, released by NBC New York, was captured on May 10. An SUV can be seen traveling onto the sidewalk, then sending Abraham Al-Saidi, 12, into a barbershop's plate glass window. Miraculously, Al-Saidi escaped with only a broken leg and arm. 

Though the boy noted that he was "hit hard" by the vehicle, he told NBC New York that he barely felt any pain because it happened so fast. "It didn't hurt that much because I didn't feel it, because it came right away," he explained. 

Though it's unclear if the driver has been charged, Al-Saidi's parents have filed a claim against the city of New York.

[via NBC New York]

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