Blog Genre: Millenial Self-Indulgence

There are many reasons to leave a city. Most of them are quite practical. The thing you want to do isn't working out. The person you wanted to do isn't working out. It's too fucking cold. It is difficult for young, hungry writers to admit that they left somewhere simply because things weren't working out, because it wasn't for them, because they made a mistake. It is much harder for a person, and particularly a writer, to utter a simple phrase like "I failed" or "It wasn't what I thought it would be" than it is to pull together five thousand words about how a closer knit community nourishes creativity or the economic realities of New York create an insufficient environment for growth. And thus, a sub-genre of Internet writing was born.

The common knock on the current generation of twenty-somethings is that we think we're so fucking special. That's not fair. Everyone who has ever lived has thought they were special until someone beat it out of them. The difference now is that as we scroll through the infinite images of success our friends post on social media, we have to come up with idealized lives with perfect Instagrams of perfect meals to rival everybody else's. Thanks to Facebook's About section, our whole world knows immediately when we leave a city, break up with our girlfriend, or get let go from a job. Rather than accept the harsh realities of life with quiet dignity (or what amount of something like dignity we can muster), we now have to dedicate paragraph after paragraph to telling the world how our moments of weakness, failure, and regret are actually enviable learning experiences that have turned us into latte wielding enlightened urban zen masters who are destined to publish a book of essays that will be sold in finer Urban Outfitters locations across the country.

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