Warning: Their might be some big spoilers ahead for American Horror Story:Freakshow.

Emphasis on the might because no one is sure if this is legit or not. A fan site posted an unofficial call sheet for the upcoming season that revealed new information.

The most surprising piece of information was that Naomi Grossman who played "Pepper" in AHS: Asylum would reprise her role. AHS is an anthology series so the characters and story change every season, which is why this is so surprising. 

There was also information about AHS staple, Jessica Lange, whose character will be named "Elsa Mars." It was previously revealed that she is a German ex-pat. 

AHS alum Kathy Bates and Evan Peters return to the series as a mother and son duo, Ethel and Jimmy Darling.

Newcomer Christopher Neiman's character “Salty”, which appears on the call sheet, is listed on his IMDB page. Either this is an elaborate plan or this is the real deal.

[via Uproxx]