Yesterday, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was found to have bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellinis during Uruguay's match against Italy for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Understandably, many soccer fans, analysts and players were disgusted with Suarez's actions. The talented but oft-troubled striker is currently under investigation for his actions by FIFA's officials.

Not even a day later, the Internet has already found a way to make a hilarious joke out of this unfortunate situation. Enter: Biteman, a Pac-Man clone starring Luis Suarez. The game places Suarez in Pac-Man's typical role as he must eat tiny Giorgio Chiellinis-shaped pellets while avoiding the red-card toting refs who are running around the maze. Instead of Power Pellets, the game gives you sunglasses that temporarily blind the referees. 

Unfortunately for Suarez he may find it difficult to put the blinders on his investigators. Speculation insists that Suarez may be done for the rest of the World Cup after FIFA announces their official ruling. 

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[via Buzzfeed]

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