Everybody’s got to eat. For the modern writer, this means you have to get those page views. As the proud author of "10 NASCAR Drivers Who Get More Women Than Rappers” , I know that of which I speak. It seems that no one on the Internet is immune from fishing for page views, even the nation’s paper of record, The New York Times. Though the Times has done their best to continue their tradition of quality through rigorous journalism and thoughtful criticism, from time to time they also have to write an article or two to keep the lights on. These pieces are usually in a similar wheelhouse; they often tell the story of the most stereotypical of Brooklyn hipsters, the most spoiled young entrants the Manhattan housing market, or the most vague and insulting definition of "millenial." Sometimes, these pieces are so off-the-wall, as was the case with Maureen Dowd's recent experimentation with pot brownies, you imagine the staff of The Onion looking on with admiration as you read through the article. Though you don’t yet see lists about 90s kids or thinkpieces about unfollowing Patton Oswalt put out by the Times, you certainly see some stuff that isn't too far off. Here are The Biggest New York Times Clickbait Articles of the Last Year.