Commentary on a world of easy spying and profiling individuals based on meta data and hacking nearly ever electronic device in Watch Dogs even extends to the console you may be playing the game on in real life.

In an Easter egg first published by Eurogamer players can hack into citizens homes through televisions, smoke detectors and even game consoles through a “Kinekt.” In the video clip the player gains access to a Kinekt as a player rage quits a game.

Watch Dogs shows what can happen when all citizens are reduced to meta data. In a not so unrealistic future where a device can instantly pull up this data and it can be used against you.

If you recall last year during E3, Microsoft announced that the new Xbox One would come with the Kinect sensor by default setting off fears of privacy that the always-on camera and an always-on console could be easily access. Especially after the continuing revolutions of the United States government spying program on its citizens. Microsoft has since done away with the required Kinect but those fear have manifested in Ubisoft's latest game.

Check out the review of Watch Dogs here and how some players are using the game's profiler to wipe our minorities.

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