Summer time is upon us, which means several straight months of barbecues, beach time, weekend getaways, and trips to the movies (hopefully to see Think Like A Man TooJune 20th). And there’s one spot above all that calls out to us once the warm weather hits: Vegas.

But getting your butt to Las Vegas is only half the battle. What about once you’re there? Obviously, there are any number of activities to keep you and your boys busy, from hitting the tables to lounging by the pool to getting loose at a club. But what to wear for each, you ask? Well, Complex is here to help.

Wear a suit that’s not too baggy but not too tight. Form-fitted is okay, but leave a little to the imagination, bruh. Remember: there is only an elite class of men in the entire world who can pull off a Speedo, and our guess is that even those guys opt for the board short trunks when hanging with their boys.

As the saying goes: “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Wear clothes that project  “competent card shark,” not “guy who hasn’t won a hand since 1996.” At the same time, don’t be too flashy. You don’t want to become some whale’s mark and end up giving away your whole stack.

You can never go wrong with a jacket. There is a lot of leeway in terms of what kind of shirt you wear (we’d suggest a slick button-down, but you can get away with a snazzy T), and whether you go pants or jeans, but the jacket is key. Remember, most dinners in Vegas lead right into the rest of the evening, so don’t count on a trip back to your room to change.

Two simple rules: dress classy, and wear shoes. It’s hard enough as it is for a group of guys to get into a club as it is, but if your attire reeks of “a bunch of dopes” of “dudes who may start a fight at any second,” good look getting past those velvet ropes. As far as footwear goes, remember that a lot of places still won’t let you in when you’re in sneakers, no matter how vintage they are or how limited the edition was. Don’t expect your boys to bail with you if you’re the one guy who gets turned away at the door.

For more tips on what to/not to wear in Vegas, be sure to check out Think Like a Man Too when it hits theaters June 20th.