Sometimes it's better to leave things alone. Let bygones be bygones. Live and let live. Whatever you want to call it, the Motion Picture Association of America knows this now.

The MPAA tried to shutdown an old subreddit that people had mostly forgotten about that links to full-length movies, called Full Length Films. When the MPAA asked Google to eliminate it from their search results, TorrentFreak picked up the request and started to spread the word. Suddenly, visits to the subreddit shot up, and visitors tripled to 6,000 in a day. "I forgot I even made this place," the subreddit's creator, jaredcheeda, said. 

Turns out, though, that the subreddit was originally supposed to be a collection of both legal and illegal links to movies, but jaredcheeda is now removing the illegal links to get on the good side of the MPAA. Hey, still not a bad subreddit for a rainy day in though. Bookmarked.

[via Motherboard]