Club DJs may soon have an extra income stream coming their way. A new service, called Clubcast, will facilitate DJ gigs from as far as thousands of miles away by letting venues stream them in.

Here's how it works: the Mixify-founded platform will enable DJs to spin remotely via a two-way high-definition video feed. Audiences will be able to see their favorite selector on a screen in a venue and she will, in turn, be able to see them to gauge their reactions to the music being played.

“Clubcast is the next frontier in live events for the music industry — for fans, artists and venues,” said Mixify founder David Moricca in a press release. “With Clubcast’s technology, we are not only breaking geographic barriers, but also creating a way for artists to reach new markets and for venues to maximize their offerings to party goers, while adding new streams of revenue to their businesses.”

Could be cool or a recipe for complete disaster.

[via BetaBeat]