While we’re still a bit away from the December, 2015 release of the comedy America needs, it’s OK to get excited as the family starts coming together.

In their first co-starring vehicle, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be leading the comedy The Nest, in which two sisters throw one last huge party at their parents’ house before it is sold. Think Step Brothers, but (hopefully) a bit more mature and equally ridiculous.

James Brolin, a Golden Globe winner who has been active for almost 50 years, has just signed on to play Poehler and Fey’s father. The movie was written by Saturday Night Live’s Paula Pell, and is directed by Pitch Perfect’s Jason Moore.

There’s no way we’ll ever be able to get enough of Amy and Tina together, whether it’s hosting award shows, starring in movies, or even just narrating everyday events. Like, seriously, can you think of something that you wouldn’t watch them in?

We didn’t think so.

[via Deadline]