Former Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul made a recent appearance for Microsoft in a commercial promoting the Xbox One. The actual commercial itself is pretty standard. Paul is shown sitting on his couch—being your average, everyday millionaire—and is clearly enjoying all the features the console has to offer. 

However, while highlighting the ease of the Xbox One's voice activation systems, Paul inadvertently stumbled upon a funny trick that the advertising creatives did not foresee. In order to turn on his Xbox One in the commerical, Paul says, "Xbox, On!" Apparently, this command has yielded some unintended consequences. 

That's right: because the Xbox One's voice activation features works a little too well, Aaron Paul is turning on people's Xbox Ones through his TV commercial. It's doubtful that this move was intentional by either Paul or the advertisers, but it certainly is a funny Easter egg. 

[via Daily Dot]