As the weather gets warmer, we seize the opportunity to sip breezy vodka tonics by the (real or proverbial) pool. But with vodka, the possibilities extend far beyond the martini glass. As a marinade, vodka tenderizes meat and adds flavor. It lowers the boiling point of pasta sauces, preventing curdling. Vodka is also somewhat of a sleuth in desserts—and its sneakiness makes it easy to spike almost any recipe.

After an enjoyable summer solstice, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some booze-laced watermelon popsicles on the porch, or to invite some friends over for steak and vodka-battered onion rings.

While the rest of the world experienced the longest day of the year, Iceland experienced 24 hours of sun. So, in the spirit of the ultimate solstice, we included several vodka-laced Icelandic dishes. Besides, the longer days gives us ample time for experimentation.