You might want to consider staying away from the aesthetically-pleasing liquid nitrogen cocktails, as one with a little too much liquid nitrogen sent a Miami woman to the hospital with a burned esophagus. 

According to Yahoo, 61-year-old Barbara Kaufman took one sip of the drink at a fundraiser held at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden in January and instantly knew there was a problem. Kaufman said it felt like her head was "truly exploding," but that wasn't the worst of her problems: 

Kaufman was rushed to an emergency room where doctors performed surgery to close holes in her stomach and esophagus, and to allow the nitrogen, which was quickly expanding from a liquid to a gas, to escape her body.

According to Kaufman's attorney, Marc Brumer, she's amassed over $135,000 in medical bills as a result. Kaufman is now suing the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Haven Hospitality Concepts, and Kryogenifex, which supplied the liquid nitrogen. 

Though a bartender for Haven Lounge, which is owned by Haven Hospitality Concepts, was working the event on his own time, the lounge has still elected to remove all nitrogen-infused drinks from its menu. 

[via Yahoo]

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