It's only been a couple days since celebrated author, poet, playwright and all-around bad ass motherfucker Maya Angelou died at age 86, but the Westboro Baptist Church is already planning a protest. According to the hate group's Twitter (which is insane, by the way, and indicates a tenuous understanding of Photoshop), she was a "fag pimp and despiser of God." Oh, and "despiser" isn't a word.

They already know people don't want them there (or anywhere, really), so they offer to speak at the Pulitzer Prize winner's funeral instead of picketing it. Yeah, because that's going to happen. Westboro's Twitter also claims they are lovers, not haters.

It's easy to laugh at how hyperbolic they are, but it is upsetting to see Vines of children dancing and singing and spewing all that hate. At the very least, we can take comfort in the fact that surely Angelou touched many more people than Westboro will ever hurt. 

Angelou's funeral hasn't even been announced, but by golly, Westboro is on it.

[via WGN]