After rumors surfaced that he was hosting a Skype meditation session over the weekend, Shia LaBeouf turned out to be a man of his word and led a truly weird online gathering that involved him jumping rope for an hour straight without talking.

Now, he has given an interview to Vulture where he describes his behavior as “hashtag original,” says that he has “enough money to live 25 lifetimes,” and says that he got into a bar fight because “I don't want to not have stories.”

He saves his best comments, though, for Jaden Smith. Smith had previously tweeted at Shia and offered to be “a fellow insane person to talk to.” To this, Shia responded:

“He's a lunatic. He told me the craziest story at Sundance, about how he used to be a glassblower. He was glassblowing, he said, in his boxers in his garage, and one of the bubbles popped. The glass got on his dick, and it wouldn't get off, because it's like molten lava when it comes off the bubble. He said he went to the hospital and at the hospital they said, ‘Look, we can't remove the glass because doing so will puncture a vein and then we'll have to sever your penis.’ So his wife called him ‘glass dick.’”

We’ll put it to you this way: one of the people in this story is a lunatic. And we’re not convinced it’s the 15 year old kid who by all accounts is not married.

[via Vulture]