Authorities say an ex-Marine was arrested in Brooklyn today after police discovered a shotgun, laser, machete and stockpile ammunition inside of his duffel bag.

According to NBC New York, the 27-year-old man was seen exiting a bus in Bay Ridge around noon with a weapon of some sort protruding from his bag. A witness contacted police, who found the man waiting for an R train that was headed to Manhattan. After asking to search his bag, they discovered the weapons, as well as ammunition for machine guns and handguns, a Marine uniform, and a military radio. 

He told police that he did not have permits for the weapons, insisting that he did not intend to harm anyone. His mother told NBC New York that her son, who reportedly served three tours in Iraq, has a history of mental illness, believing himself to be the sworn defender of New York City after "allowing" 9/11 to happen. 

He willingly went to the 68th Precinct, where sources told NBC New York he'll most likely be charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

[via NBC New York]

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