If you thought viral darling Goat Simulator was just a silly game about being a goat, running around licking things and causing mayhem you are only half correct. It turns out that developer Coffee Stain Studios baked in a pretty dark theme into the game by having players choose heaven or hell, revealing the world of Goat Simulator as one of purgatory.

Developer Armin Ibrisagic responded to fan theories on Steam. "You'll see that one of the tunnels has a sign saying 'Himlen' and the other has a sign saying 'Helvete'. If you pull that through google translate you'll see that 'Himlen' means Heaven, and 'Helvete' means hell," Ibrisagic explained. "That is why there is both a Devil Goat and an Angel Goat in the game."

But it goes even deeper than that. If a player chooses hell they then can sacrifice humans in a pentagram alter and become the dark lord goat. Alternately players can choose the other side of the map and become and a heavily Icarus type goat that soars into the heavens and gets blown into space.

"You might also notice that, no matter what you do, you can never interact with humans," Ibrisagic points out. "If you lick them or even touch them a little bit, they will instantly go limp. If there are any humans nearby, they will run away from you. When it comes to other humans, you are always the onlooker, always staring from a distance, never part of the group. Always alone."

Whoa. Pretty deep for a goat bouncing game. Check out the video above of YouTuber FatNature making the final transformation into the dark lord above.

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