If you want to activate a comic fan’s gag reflex, simply utter the words X-Men Origins: Wolverine in their presence. It’s five years later, and the wounds of this colossal dud still haven’t healed yet. Thankfully Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg must feel the same way, because by the end of Days of Future Past, all history of Origins has seemingly been erased.

In Origins, Wolverine is seen as a soldier and mercenary during Vietnam before working for William Stryker in the Weapon X program in 1975. Days of Future Past doesn’t do away with Wolverine’s history in Vietnam, but by the end, Mystique, who is masquerading as Stryker, takes Wolverine with her after he is rescued from the Potomac River in 1973.

This completely throws Origins into the wood chipper as the real Stryker seemingly never recruits Logan for Weapon X, nor does he seem to know who Sabretooth is here. It’s sloppy and a little bit of a cheat, but our long national nightmare is over. You can finally bury Origins in the deep recesses of your mind along with The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, and all of the other comic book movies that were unceremoniously ignored over the years.