Is it possible that NBC’s Constantine is a series worthy of Vertigo’s Hellblazer legacy? Well if this clip is any indication, fans might be in for a surprise when the show debuts this fall. In this first look at the series, courtesy of IGN, we are introduced to Matt Ryan’s smarmy portrayal of John Constantine as he helps a woman escape from a literal hell hole that has opened up in the ground.

Unlike Keanu Reeves’ deadpan delivery of Constantine from the 2005 movie, Ryan looks like he jumped right off the comic book page here. His Constantine is the jaded, arrogant con-man that owned the comic book world throughout the ‘90s. The production values are high, the humor is sharp, and the series looks like the Constantine adaptation fans have been hoping to see for decades. If the above clip hasn't sold you on the show, the trailer below should do the job:

[via IGN, NBC]