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Your real-world geography may be a little rough. But most gamers are inimitably knowledgeable about the the size and scope of game worlds. After all we spend hours running across them. You can break down the differences between Grand Theft Auto V, Skyrim, and the Witcher but what about the land of Westeros? The world of Game of Thrones will soon be coming to video games as developer Telltale (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us) is working with HBO on a crossover series. The Daily Dot put together some graphics detailing how the world of Game of Thrones compares with the real world.

While some of the comparisons are pure conjecture, the land of Westeros was accurately scaled by using the length of the Wall. Author George R.R. Martin famously said that when he saw the height of the wall in the HBO show he said he “wrote it too big!” Yet the length is only 300 miles. Using that number The Dot compared the scale to the continental United States.

Also compared was the size of Balerion, “the Black Dread” dragon who lived 300 years before the events in the books or HBO show compared with a blue whale and a sadly small dinosaur. Check out the complete graphic below.

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