Christina Hendricks has other roles besides her breakthrough as Mad Men's Joan Harris. She took a few months to make God's Pocket with Mad Men costar John Slattery in his directorial debut. It also stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman as Hendricks' criminal husband. He died of a drug overdose just weeks after God's Pocket premiered at Sundance.

"John and I agreed that being able to show people the film and talk about how wonderful it was to work with Phil," Hendricks said about promoting the film. "It’s been therapeutic in many ways, and we just feel so proud of it, and I know Phil was proud of it. And we just hope people get to see it and enjoy it."

As for Mad Men, we still have a few more months to watch Joan work her way up at SCP. Hendricks admits that it isn't the kind of show where people ride off into the sunset, but hopefully we can expect a happier ending for her than say, Don Draper.

"It’s hard to wish something for a fictional character. Sometimes the tragic things are the more interesting things. If she was alive, then I’d want her to fall in love and win the lottery and buy an island. But she’s fictional, so I’m sure whatever Matt comes up with will be wonderful," Hendricks said.

[via Vulture]