You know that seafood legend you vaguely remember about only eating shellfish during months that contain the letter ‘R’? Thankfully it’s way outdated, leaving you to enjoy the summer months with a belly full of oysters—and plenty of cash left in your wallet. As it turns out, there are plenty of spots throughout the city that offer amazing deals on one of the oceans’ most appetizing and expensive critters. Whether you’re in Midtown East, Greenpoint, or Long Island City and in the mood for just one or a dozen, chances are there’s an afterwork or a late night special on a selection of fresh Blue Points, Malpeques or Royal Miyagis close by. So as it nears 5 p.m., don’t waste your dollar bills on the vending machine. Instead head to one of these great destinations and use those singles for an infinitely more sexy, satisfying and slurp-worthy 5 p.m. snack.

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