Octogenarian media mogul and Newscorp tycoon Rupert Murdoch has tried the Oculus Rift, and he apparently loves it. Murdoch was able to try the now-Facebook-owned VR headset earlier this week at at meeting in New York while visiting the offices of graphic effects Framestore, responsible for work on the Game of Thrones Oculus demo "Ascend the Wall," where users get to climb, well, the northern Wall of GRRM's series that separates Westeros from the Wildlands beyond. (The demo was a big hit at SXSW.)

21st Century Fox (which Murdoch also owns) chief of staff Natalie Revitz posted the pic of Murdoch trying out the tech demo on the Murdoch Here blog, where the 83-year old Murdoch's behind-the-scenes exploits can be found. Murdoch and his associates all loved the demo, calling Oculus "mind-blowing," which is about the best way to describe it, probably, in all fairness. I mean, who wouldn't want to climb the Wall?

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[Via Polygon