Tina Fey is one of the most influential figures in American comedy. As a head writer for Saturday Night Live, the creator of 30 Rock, and writer of Mean Girls, Fey's had a marked influence on anyone who's jumped into the comedy game in the last decade.

Not only has Fey's awkward, intellectual style had an impact on American comedy, but through her work she has created a new blueprint for the comic writer-actor. She isn’t a stand-up. She was never going to be SNL’s breakout star. Instead of brassy character showcases or caustic stand-up sets, Fey found stardom by rigorously honing her voice. More Woody Allen than Lucille Ball, Fey’s mission to show a different kind of woman in a different kind of comedy has been huge for both humor and culture.

To get a full sense of Fey's impact, it's helpful to take a look at her work as a whole. Here is our Ranking of Everything Tina Fey’s Ever Done.

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