New York bartenders put up with a lot of shit. But one of the most painful parts of the job is witnessing gag-inducing come-ons night after night. What’s even worse is seeing them work. I spoke with more than 30 bartenders in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, to find out what kind of game New York guys have. After extensive research, I discovered that pick-up lines come in three categories: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Before we get into the actual lines, here's what I mean. 

The Good:
The following lines are bartender approved. They usually work and you wouldn’t be ashamed to tell your kids it’s what you used to meet their mother. 

The Bad:
They might be a bit deceptive or corny, but at least you’re giving it the old college try. Though college is probably the only place you should use them. These are lines that we condone but don’t necessarily encourage.

The Ugly:
These are lines that will have a girl looking you up on the sex offender registry instead of Facebook. And yes, just like all the others, these have actually been used.

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