Last night, How I Met Your Mother threw in the towel after nine seasons. A bunch of folks weren't pleased with the outcome (*cough*are they going to rename the show now?*cough*) but you can't say that they weren't watching the damn thing. Considering this is all that networks care about—the numbers—this episode is pretty much a huge success in their eyes.

So, how many people watched? According to Vulture, the series finale for How I Met Your Mother drew in a huge total of 12.9 million viewers live, which puts it ahead of the previously highest rated episode from season one—all the way back in 2005, before Internet streaming sites made it easy to watch shows illegally—"The Pineapple Incident," which drew in 12.3 million viewers. 

Now, that's a way to end with a bang. 

[via Vulture]