Following a teaser announcement earlier in the month, Codemasters revealed this week their next Grid entry will be out this summer. There are two things of note here: first, unlike past Grid titles, this one combines a variety of different racing disciplines, from endurance to formula one to street and drifting. Second is that it's only going to be availabe for last-gen consoles – the developers recently told Videogamer that if they had chosen to make Autosport cross-gen it wouldn't be delivering a true next-gen experience taking advantage of the new hardware, and besides, they're busy working on a true next-gen engine for future projects (so we can all hope that Dirt 4 will soon be in the mix).

Now the good news: the game will be out for PS3 and 360 (as well as PC) this Summer, so you don't have long to wait. Codemasters has more than proven their pedigree within various racing niches, so with any luck Autosport will continue the tradition. It's out June 24; in the meantime, check this trailer.