For many, the most exciting sporting event of the year is NFL Draft Day. In fact, it's become almost more than just a sporting event. At this point, it's almost like a national holiday, with many football fans taking the day off work and gluing themselves to their television sets in order to find out which college players will head to which teams.

Surprisingly, Hollywood has never turned its attention to the event. While we've had plenty of great movies that focused on football, we've unfortunately never been taken behind the scenes of the all important NFL draft.

Ivan Reitman's Draft Day looks to change all that. The fast-paced drama follows Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver Jr., the GM of the Cleveland Browns. As its title suggests, we watch Sonny as he goes through this most hectic of days as he attempts to please the team's owner and rabid fan-base, along with handling several other problems that arise.

Last week in Los Angeles, our friends at We Got This Covered sat down with cast members Costner, Jennifer Garner, Josh Pence, Tom Welling, Arian Foster and Terry Crews. They explained the significance of the NFL draft, what type of research was done for their roles, what makes a good sports film and much more.

Check out the video above. Draft Day opens in theaters nationwide this Friday.

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