Naturally, Stephen Colbert's initial response to the #CancelColbert controversy was a textbook Colbert rebuttal. On last night's The Colbert Report, he took the time to go a little more in depth in his attempt to swat away criticism from the "diversity mafia."

"The dark forces trying to silence my message of core conservative principles mixed with youth-friendly product placement have been thwarted,” he said, before taking a swig from a long-neck of Bud Light Lime. 

Throughout the show Colbert poked fun at the situation: “I don’t even see race, not even my own. People tell me I’m white and I believe them because I just spent six minutes explaining how I’m not a racist.”

He also raised a few good points while briefly breaking character: All of this chatter has distracted from the initial point, which was to cast a light on how ridiculous Dan Snyder is for not only refusing to rename the Washington Redskins, but creating a "charity" organization and with the very racial description that sparked outrage in the first place. He also said that one Suey Park doesn't deserved to be attacked on Twitter, because “she’s just speaking her mind, that’s what Twitter is for." 

Watch a few videos from last night above and below. 

[via Uproxx]