We guess it's time to face it: We aren't entirely clever. When we get into fights, we usually don't have a comeback until two days later when we're reliving the scene in the shower. Thank God the shower masks our tears as well. In fact, sometimes the only way we can get through the day is by quoting Lindsay Lohan herself. 

Mean Girls, the finest piece of teenage cinema to ever be created, is now 10 years old. Ugh, 10 years, where does the time go? We're so old! Anyway, you can still use Mean Girls quotes for reactions to everything in your life—we have, for the past ten years. Here are just a few examples to help us celebrate the movie we learned our very limited amount of wit from. 

When you're on your third mixed drink from the bar but you still don't feel anything:

When your friends don't think you'll be able to eat every item off of Taco Bell's new breakfast menu in one sitting:

When you're exhausted from work but your dog wants to play fetch:

When a white person claims they know the struggles of racism:

When you find out your friends met up for drinks without you:

When your parents ask you what you plan to do with your time after you graduate:

When your crush asks you what day it is:

When you realize that Kris Jenner uses her daughter's success and fame as her own:

When your favorite TV characters finally hook up:

When you were a kid at a sleepover and your friend just talked back to his mom in front of you:

When you saw all the white male actors included on Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World but no mention of Lupita Nyong'o or Laverne Cox:

When the waiter asks you how many more Bloody Marys of the Bottomless Bloody Mary Brunch you're going to drink:

When your friend is looking through your music and finds the entire soundtrack of Frozen and "Let it Go" has over 200 plays:

When your boss says that he's noticed you've been coming in late every day and taking over 45-minute long lunch breaks:

When Khaleesi steals people's slaves to free them and they join her army and all the old slave masters are like, "Khaleesi!":

When you're at a funeral and the priest is like, "I'm sorry, is someone eating Halal? Did someone bring chicken and rice doused in hot sauce to this funeral? What inconsiderate soul went to a food cart before this?":

Written by Hope Schreiber (@HopeSchreiber)

[GIFs via gifbase, grist, glee.wikia, meangirlsgifs, E! Online, The Daily What, gifemotions, Fanpop, seeyouinaporridge]

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