The thirst is strong with this one. Prior to the advent of social media, you had to pine in secret after the object of your affections. From time to time you could hope to cross paths in the hallway at school or grab the same elevator at work, but that was pretty much it. Until you had the cojonés to actually talk to her and ask for her number, you had to admire from afar.

Facebook changed all that. You now have access to dozens of pictures of your crush without having to go to the trouble to perch in a tree in her back yard to get them. Some men are trying their best to ruin this good fortune for all of us. Some men feel the need to post thirsty comments beneath their crush’s Facebook photos, creeping them out, and making them less likely to post bikini, Halloween, and lingerie pillow fight pictures in the future (okay, we have yet to see lingerie pillow fight pictures, but you get the picture).

Today, Complex Tech calls upon you to stop your thirsty ways. Repent your half-assed flirtations. Not only should you not post vulgar comments below a lady’s photo, but you should also limit your use of cutesy, bland, and easy expressions of your lust. If you’re thirsty, keep it to yourself. Here are The Worst Comments Leave on Your Crush's Facebook Photo.