Every city has its boring guide with information about restaurants, malls, and museums. Finding low-key advice from a real local, however, is hard to come by. With Urban Agenda we find actual locals who are passionate about their city and ask them to recommend their favorite watering holes, inspiring landscapes, secret hot-spots, and off-the-grid restaurants. After all, everybody hates a tourist.

For our inaugural installment we take a tour of Los Angeles with blogger/curator @haremrenaissance, whose excellent Instagram account collects weird, wild, and sexy imagery from the cocaine 80s and DayGlo 90s. (Think Night Rider, Hard Ticket To Hawaii, and vintage Playboy.) Take a trip to her must-have coffee stop, hippy palace, indoor swap meet, and more in this first-person ride through her own private Los Angeles. If you would like to be featured on Urban Agenda, email cityguidetips@complex.com

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