A 17-year old boy in the Philippines has allegedly killed his grandmother after she scolded him for playing Defense of the Ancients. The teen was playing in a local computer shop when his grandmother picked him up. The suspect told authorities that after she scolded him he “blacked out” and attacked her. Only to “wake up” to be cleaning the scene of the crime.

This isn't the first time video games are getting blamed for causing or at least being the point of contention in some horrible crime. Originally reported in the Philippine Star, the newspaper suggested a link was certain but subsequent news reports have received serious backlash from the gaming community and people with brains in general.

Escapist Magazine received so much blow-back from the article it published last week in which linked the game to the killing that it issued a full redaction and apologized for the misleading article.

Games, like movies, don't kill people.

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[via The Daily Dot]