Welp, a lot of people are going to have a lot of feelings about this: Apparently, Steven Spielberg is throwing around the idea of remaking the classic musical West Side Story. Deadline reports that "Fox has unlocked that movie title for a remake specifically because Steven Spielberg is interested in making it." Hmmm.

There's not a writer attached to adapt the original work yet, just Spielberg's interest. 

Is West Side Story too sacred for an update or is a legendary director/producer like Spielberg the right guy for the job? A live telecast of Sound of Music debuted to wonderful ratings last year and a remake of Annie starring Quvenzhané Wallis and Jamie Foxx is coming to theaters this December. So, it's a definite possibility that West Side Story could be next—but for now, the ball is in Spielberg's court. 

What do you think of a West Side Story remake? Sound off in the comments.

[via Deadline]