If you were still on the fence over whether or not to pick up a physical copy of next week's MGSV's initial preview installment Ground Zeroes, KojiPro might've just provided one courtesy of longtime Metal Gear character and mech artist Yoji Shinkawa. Evidently physical copies of the game will included reversible cover art featuring a new portrait of Big Boss as drawn by Shinkawa, and is the norm with the artist, the results are pretty great.

Reversible cover art may not be a big deal in terms of production costs, but they go a long way in helping legitimize videogames as more than vessels for advertising (case in point: the retail-up side of Ground Zeroes has a blurb about unlocking new content in the down-the-road Phantom Pain, which probably won't have a release date for sometime yet).

It's also a small but significant way to sweeten the deal for those that were on the fence over shelling out a potential $40 for the game on PS4 or Xbox One (Konami recently lowered the next-gen version's boxed retail price to $30, in line with the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases).

Konami had intially announced that the physical next-gen editions would included extra goodies for fans – no word on whether or not that thought has been transmuted into this cover. Still, more of this please, Konami.

[Via Gametrailers