Lindsay Lohan would like you to know that there's no party that she hasn't gone to. There's not a person that she hasn't hung out with. Also, there's not even a single situation she hasn't been exposed to. And where she'd like to tell you all this is Lindsay, an eight part docu-series coming to Oprah Winfrey's own OWN network. 

The Amy Rice (former staff writer for The Newsroom) directed project sets out to intimately reveal the trials and tribulations of Lohan's attempt at finding solid ground in New York City in the form of a "documentary-inspired" series, that is definitely, totally not a reality show. Not even close! Even though it has fighting, and family issues, and drama, and's still not a reality show.

Catch the trailer above. One highlight: Oprah telling a teary-eyed Lohan that she needs to "cut the bullshit." Leave it to Oprah to tell it like it is.

Lindsay airs Sunday on the OWN network at 10 p.m. EST.

[via Vulture]