Colorado is a wonderful place: the people are friendly, the weather is amazing and the entire state seems to love the great outdoors. Oh, and there is also a lot of weed—a lot of really potent, accessible, painstakingly perfected weed. And you can buy it in a store. It was a pleasant surprise when I moved to New York City from Denver and realized you can stumble into a bodega at any hour and buy beer. (You can’t do that in Colorado.) But what you can't do in New York is walk into a legitimate business establishment and buy any sort of weed your heart desires.

Now that smoking weed is a legal, taxable thing in Colorado, the “culture” is flourishing, and every time I go back to Denver the main thing I notice is that the whole town smells of marijuana. Sure, that means the horrible fashion, EDM and frustrating conversations about politics are even more annoying, but the product is better than ever, and the money is pouring into the state. On a recent trip back I took a tour of some of Denver’s dispensaries with local weed expert Josh Bachrach. Here's our guide to the best of the best.

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