Whether you love his work or hate it, it has become almost impossible to separate Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima from the flagship series he's given 25 years of his life to. Every time the man tries to step away from his most ambitious creation, fate (and the financial gods) intervene – but what would Kojima do if he could get away not just from Metal Gear, but from games altogether?

The answer isn't something you'd probably expect. In a recent profile over at Eurogamer, Kojima confessed that his original ambitious were of a more physical nature (despite his Twitter bio stating that he's made of at least 70 percent movies).

"I was really into building models," Kojima said in the interview. "But there were two problems with that. One is when I got married my wife threw away all my modelling tools [and] kits, so I haven't done that in 24 years." In perhaps a rare moment of ego, he also said that Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa's skills in that department were infinitely better.

"Originally that's what I wanted to do. Something more analog, more than digital. Something like sculptures and whatnot."

Neither this nor Kojima's other apparent interest – culinary arts – should be that much of a surprise to anyone who follows his statue, sculpture and food-centric photography tweets.

"Another thing that I'm considering is taking cooking lessons. It's creating something, so I really like it," he said. "I don't think anyone would like what I cook, but it would be fun."

With Phantom Pain still a long way off – not to mention the ongoing legacy of Metal Gear, the possibility of a third ZOE and Kojima's own filmic ambitions, among various other ambitions – it's unlikely that the director will quit Konami to found a pottery school or an exotic-game-themed restraurant. But a man who is so often focused on the philosophy and living in the shadow of his most prominent creation, it's interesting to get a bit of personal detail.

Read the rest of the profile via the link below.

[Via Eurogamer