The mere conjuring of the name of the global video game retail outlet is enough to raise the hackles of gamers everywhere. The company is one of the last remaining physical storefront holdouts that seems like it should've folded alongside Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and EB Games.

In a world where Steam, Amazon, Game Fly, Xbox Live, and, soon enough PlayStation Now, all give gamers no shortage of options in how they consume non-physical media, brick and mortar GameStops are anachronistically still peppered throughout every city in America.

Which is strange considering how much people openly hate the company.

From notoriously lousy customer service to some of the shadiest return and exchange policies, GameStop is infamous for its myriad ways they attempt to screw gamers once inside their stores.

Thankfully (this one time only) for Yelp. The online platform that turns anyone into a vocal critic of any business has a vile reputation of its own, but we figured there ought to be some way to use it for our own ends. 

Here is: Customer Disservice: 1 Star Yelp Reviews From GameStops Across America

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