Neighborhood: Mid-City
Address: 5583 W Pico Blvd.
Perfect for: The Sunday Brunch

Did someone say gluten-free fried chicken? It exists and it's absolutely delicious when touched by the hands of the incredibly talented and charming Chef Alisa Reynolds. Creating what she calls "evolved nostalgia", My Two Cents is a marriage of down-home Southern cooking and a healthy California lifestyle. Sunday brunch boasts chicken and waffles, sweet potato hash, and grits to name a few. The vibe that makes you feel like you're chilling with the fam at a backyard barbecue (there was a DJ playing A Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill and Jhen̩ Aiko when I was there.) It's sophisticated comfort food made to order and I'm sure it won't take long for this spot to blow up. This is your new brunch spot, trust.