I wasn't familiar with the fact that Shiner Bock is popular outside of Texas until I saw it popping up in film and television. It's Hank Schrader's favorite beer. Justin Timberlake can be seen drinking it in Friends With Benefits.

Founded in 1909, Shiner Bock is the first independent brewery in Texas. Shiner is also brewed in Shiner, TX, population 2,070. Damn, Shiner, why do you have to be so dope?

New York was just awarded the distinct honor of carrying this exquisitely fine beer, but the opportunity to taste amazing seasonal brews like Shiner Holiday Cheer and Shiner Ruby Redbird might not come to New York because the Spoetzl Brewery likes to keep its greatest creations close to home. 

Surely, this is torture on par with waterboarding.