Thief, the long-awaited continuation of the classic series that invented the “first-person sneaker” genre is finished and set to drop on February 25. Check out this new trailer from PlayStation breaking down the Master Thief, Garrett's, world.

Thief got some flack right after its announcement at E3 last year for not staying true enough to the fan favorite original. In response developer Eidos Interactive quickly removed the experience system and quick-time events. Meaning gamers jump in from level one being a Master Thief and not having to build up to it the entire game. I got a chance to sit down with the game last year after the changes were made and it looks and feels pretty stunning. Just as in the original, committing to a fair fight means death. Players need to be sneaky and manipulate their environment. The reward it pouncing and swooping through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

Thief drops for Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 3,4 and PC on February 25.

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[Via PlayStation Blog]