Seattle police, who have come across some pretty strange crime lately, arrested a man who broke into his neighbors' apartment, then told police he was Jack Bauer as they took him into custody. 

According to the Seattle Police Department, David Stotle, 30, finagled his way into Derek Doerschel and Danielle Green's apartment on Feb. 9, then decided to redecorate. KIRO 7 reports that he removed screens from doors, put kitty litter in the sink and left a frozen crab in the closet. In addition, all of Doerschel's credit cards had been stuffed into a chocolate muffin. 

Doerschel called the police, and when they arrived, Stotle told them that he was 24's Jack Bauer. According to police, he was under the influence of LSD. Stotle was charged with residential burglary; according to his mother, Ria Quinton, he suffers from bipolar disorder.

[via Gawker and KIRO 7]