This may seem more like a middle school prank than something a successful businessman would do, but a New York city real-estate bigwig is accused of breaking into his ex's home and painting penises on his own paintings in a drunken fury. 

According to the New York Post, Sean Ludwick, 41, managing partner at the Black House Development firm, broke into the TriBeCa apartment of Lana Trevisan and proceeded to vandalize art hanging on her walls. 

“I became unhappy when I found out she was having an affair,” Ludwick told The Post before his courtroom appearance. “I augmented my work to reflect my emotions at that moment.”

While Ludwick's sentiment may be understandable, breaking and entering is still against the law. Ludwick also allegedly poured the rest of the paint on the floor and carved the words “Studio Art” into two of Trevisan's stools, possibly an art joke that we don't quite get. 

“It’s all my artwork,” Ludwick also told the Post. “I’m an amateur artist, and they’re displayed in my place. I just wanted to update the pieces.”

We'll see if that defense holds up in court. 

[Via the New York Post and Elite Daily

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