MLB 14 The Show is set to drop this Spring with the PlayStation 3 version on April 1, and the PS Vita and PlayStation 4 will arrive in May, according to Sony.

Sorry baseball fans, you won't be playing the next-gen version of The Show on opening day – March 31 - hopefully you still have that PS3 kicking around if you're that crazy about starting off the season right. Sony gave no date in May for the PS4 release but chances are it's still being finished up. But since 2K Games didn't release a version of it's MLB 2K franchise this year there is really no competition and hence, no real rush.

Although judging by the hi-res whiskers of Boston's Mike Napoli featured on the PlayStation Blog it just might be worth the wait for the next get console. I think I can see some mustard in there.

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[Via PlayStation Blog]