Forget meeting people the "traditional way," because one study claims the best way to meet a potential life partner is through the Internet.

The study, facilitated by (anyone else hear that axe grinding?), claims that the Internet is now the most efficient way to get a date:

Thirty-one percent of respondents’ most recent first dates stemmed from an online connection. It edged out meeting through a friend for the first time ever. Friend-of-a-friend connections accounted for 25 percent of first dates.

Meeting through work came in third place, with 8 percent of singles getting dates that way, while meeting at a bar came in last with 6 percent.

Biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor Dr. Helen Fisher told Betabeat that it's "more natural to meet someone online," citing specific reasons: "You don’t know if [people are] married or interested in a relationship," if you meet them in a bar.

This is true, but the world of online dating can also lead to deception. Plus, some people actually prefer meeting people the "traditional" way. Different strokes for different folks.

[via Betabeat]