Facebook is celebrating a monumental 10 year anniversary by giving back to its users all over the world. Today, millions of people will receive a “Look Back” video compilation of their most popular photos and life events since they registered with the social network.

Nick Kwiatek, Facebook’s lead engineer on the project, says Look Back is one of the company’s largest video projects of all time. Facebook spent the last few months creating, then prepping for, the launch of millions of customized HD videos for their users. According to The Verge, Everstore, the team in charge of media storage, along with Moonshot, the team tasked with allocating idle server power, played important roles in “Look Back's” production. It’s not the first time Facebook has launched a compilation project, but it's the first time they're doing it with video.

Kwiatek explains, "One of the things that motivated us was that there's really only a handful of companies that could take on something like this—that could render videos for as many people as we can."

Look Back is meant to remind users that Facebook has set the precedent for people when it comes to digitally documenting their lives. Their on-going strategy to establish an emotional connection with users will hit a high-note when people use Look Back to watch their milestones flash before their eyes to the soundtrack of an uplifting instrumental. Frankly, the project rewards users for posting their lives on the social network.

It's already a major accomplishment to have survived and excelled in the changing tech industry, but giving back to their massive community of users shows a good side to the company despite its controversies.

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[via The Verge]