Facebook released a cool feature for their 10 year anniversary called "Look Back," which takes photos and updates from users' Timelines and presents them in a video slideshow with some sappy music in the background. But many people expressed displeasure with Look Back when their exes or friends they hadn't talked to in years got some of the spotlight in their video.

Now Facebook is letting users edit their Look Back videos—to a point. Users are only able to switch out their content with pre-selected photos and status updates, meaning, that can't just place any ol' thing they want in there. 

To change your Look Back video:

  • Go here: https://www.facebook.com/lookback/ 
  • Click 'Edit' in the upper right corner
  • Uncheck a picture or status update you'd like to remove
  • Check the ones you'd like to replace them with
  • Click 'Update' in the upper right corner