The Sochi Olympics have commenced, which means it's time for champions to arise and underdogs to prove themselves. This is where fairy tales happen in real life, people! To celebrate this momentous occasion, and to inspire your own life because we know you wouldn't be caught dead in the Barnes & Noble self-help section, we're turning to Cool Runnings.

The 1993 Disney movie, loosely based on true events, follows Jamaica's national bobsled team in their first appearance at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Canada as they overcome adversity. Because, c'mon, a bobsled team from a tropical country, really? Really. Cool Runnings will make you believe anything is possible. 

Without further ado, here are some life lessons you could learn from Cool Runnings GIFs.

Don't let an ice storm and the four shots of vodka you just took keep you from hitting the clubs. Turn off Netflix and seize the day.

Before you know it, all your friends will be married with kids and there'll be no one free to shoot the shit with. Spend quality time with your bros.


If you can't commit to something you want, get a buddy to help encourage you. 


Don't deny yourself the pleasures of the body.


Perfect your game by picking up a copy of the Kama Sutra.


It's Jamaican not Jamaican't. Do something you're afraid of doing, like asking out your hot coworker.


Don't let outside elements define who you can be.

If you try, you'll never lose. But if you do lose, just play it off like you didn't care about it in the first place. Whatever.


Don't go down without a fight. People will be like, "At least they tried!" Instead of, "They just laid down and cried for, like, 30 minutes. It was really awkward and I felt uncomfortable."

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